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Grocery Cart In Aisle Let's Go Comparison Shopping
| Introduction
| Lesson Plan | What Is It? | Unit Pricing | Cost Per Serving | Other $ Savers | References

cash registerOther Money Savers 
You have just learned about how to save money by comparison shopping.  By comparing different brands, forms and sizes of products, examining unit prices and calculating cost per serving, you can find the best deals for your money.  You are well on your way to becoming expert comparison shoppers!
Research and Share 
You now have the job of learning about some other money saving possibilities when grocery shopping.  Using your existing knowledge as well as the Internet, you are going to research ways to save anywhere from pennies to dollars when at the supermarket.  Once you have this knowledge, you will type, edit and then record your ideas, which will be posted on the audio podcast "Comparison Shopping Podcast: Sharing ways to save money.You will then get an opportunity to visit the podcast to see what your classmates have discovered.
  guy typing at the computer
Here are some sites to get you started: 
Once you have at least four ideas you wish to share, write them down along with where the information came from.  Then type up a voice narration for yourself.  Make sure you edit it to make it grammatically correct.  Use the correct equipment to record your audio segment and then edit your clip until you are happy with it.  Save it in an MP3 format, write down your file name and location on your written narration and then hand this in to your instructor.  

Create a Digital Story 
Once you have some ideas on how to save money, you and three other group members are going to create a digital story that you will share with the students, faculty and staff in the school, as well as in the community.  Use the Money Saving Digital Story Handout to see expectations and grading policies (text version).  Most important, be creative, have fun, and learn something new!
Last Step - References

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