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Grocery Cart In Aisle Let's Go Comparison Shopping
| Introduction
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Foods                                                                                                                           Shopping for Food
Unit Pricing Practice
Directions:    Answer the following questions using your knowledge of unit pricing.  Please show your work.  Feel free to use a calculator as needed.  You will need to use your knowledge of equivalents for the last two.
1. A 4-pound bag of potatoes costs $3.84. What is the unit price?

2. Scott really likes energy bars, and wants to get the best deal possible on them. Is it better for him to buy 3 for $2.50 or each one at $ .89 each?

3. Which is the better buy?
a 7-pound bag of oranges for $2.94
a 9-pound bag or oranges for $4.05
4. Calculate the unit price per pound for each of these containers of ketchup.  Circle the best value.
Food Club Ketchup
Valu Time Ketchup
Heinz Ketchup
Unit Price = __________________
Unit Price = __________________
Unit Price = __________________
5. Suzanne wants to make cookies for her relatives for the holidays.  She shopped around and found the following prices.  Calculate the unit price per pound for each of these packages of chocolate chip pieces.  Which one is the best value for her and why?
Food Club
Unit Price = __________________
Unit Price = __________________
Unit Price = __________________
Unit Price = __________________

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