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Grocery Cart In Aisle Let's Go Comparison Shopping
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Text Version of Comparing Brands Video

Image: Comparing Brands text

Transcript:  When comparison shopping, you will see that some brands cost more than others. There are several types of brands to choose from: name brands, store brands and generic brands. 

Images:  First shows big brands names such as Kellog's, Coke-Cola, and Pepsi.  Then shows an array of advertisements: Coke-Cola polar bears on TV, Ritz crakers in a magazine, a ten-foot tall air balloon bottle of Starbucks coffee drink, a Kellog's race car, a Coke-Cola Zero delivery truck, and an M&M add on the side of a building.  
Transcript:  The most obvious and most common are name brands.  Name brands, or national brands, are items that we all are familiar with due to their advertising efforts on the radio and TV, in magazines, on the Internet, and throughout our communities.  Name brands usually cost more, as the consumer pays for the fancier packaging and higher advertising costs.

Images: Walmart Great Value Brand products, Tartet Brand Products, P&C Food Club Brand Products
Transcript:  Store brands, also called private labels, are items that are produced, packaged and sold by the supermarket chain.  These items are generally equal in quality and lower in price compared to brand names. 

Images:  Generic food products, shelf full of generic products, generic cola
Transcript:  Generic products are plain-labeled, no-brand items available in supermarkets.  These items most often include canned products, pet food, staple items like flour and sugar, cleaning agents, and a variety of paper products.

Images: Nutritional value label of a pack of cookies, man reading a food label, woman reading a package label
Transcript:  All three of these brands are alike in that they have the same nutritional value.  It is the outward packaging as well as inner quality and taste that may vary.  You will need to experiment to determine which has the quality and taste you prefer.

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